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…Thank you sooooo much for recreating our 17 year old house into a modern, contemporary dream home! The new hardwood floors (downstairs and upstairs) along with completely new kids and Master bathrooms have totally changed the look and feel of our home! And all the new painting, touch ups and damage-fillings, etc. have given a three-kid decades-old beating a totally new look! Love our "brand new" again home!!!
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Curtain Wall Repair

Waters & Wood is the premier interior and exterior curtain wall touch-up and painting contractor in the Seattle area. Our Curtain Wall Touch Up Division serves contractors, manufacturers, and project owners who demand a high level of quality and don't want to sacrifice service, performance, or accountability.

Highlights of our Curtain Wall and Window Wall Touch Up Team include:

•Interior and exterior curtain wall touch up and painting
•Interior and exterior window wall touch up and painting
•Onsite curtain wall and window wall repair including welding and spot repair
•Safety Team
•Well trained personnel who use state of the art equipment to produce rapid results.
•Ability to match window blinds and any other options to the curtain wall color.

Past projects include:

•The Gallery
•The Bravern Residences
•Scarff Motors
•Schoenfeld Interiors

Facade Replacement
Tenant Improvement
Waters & Wood, Inc. provides multiple bid options for our customers. We offer Traditional Hard Bid, Design-Build, and Construction Management proposal methods for every project we consider depending on owner requirements.
Build Out

Waters & Wood, Inc. has provided commercial construction services to local business owners for more than 19 years. Our past projects include Medical Offices, Restaurants, Professional Spaces, Retail Spaces, Showrooms, Artists Galleries, Parks & Recreation, Industrial, Gas Stations, Airports, Car Dealerships, and Marinas.