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…Thank you sooooo much for recreating our 17 year old house into a modern, contemporary dream home! The new hardwood floors (downstairs and upstairs) along with completely new kids and Master bathrooms have totally changed the look and feel of our home! And all the new painting, touch ups and damage-fillings, etc. have given a three-kid decades-old beating a totally new look! Love our "brand new" again home!!!
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Welcome to Waters & Wood, Inc.

Waters & Wood was incorporated in 1992 and has been serving Seattle, Bellevue, and surrounding areas for more than 25 years. Our expertise encompasses a broad range of services. We serve Architects, Designers, Homeowners, Property Managers, and are often called upon by other Seattle area contractors in a support role.
Our services can be simplified into five categories: Cabinetry, Commercial, Fabrication, Marine, and Residential. Waters & Wood excels in each of these categories and have helped thousands of satisfied customers in the Puget Sound region. Our projects can range from simple repairs to complex construction.

Our commitment to excellence allows us to provide the quality you demand, pricing you deserve, and design you can trust. We offer free, no hassle, consultations for all the services we provide. Whether you need cabinetry, design guidance, installation services, custom metal fabrication, or project management, we can help.

We are proud members of the Association of Washington Businesses (AWB) and the Master Builder Association of King and Snohomish Counties.

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